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@lamby I just signed up -- I hope it got through. Either way no worries. Just trying to be helpful! Thanks!
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I wonder if clinicians would appreciate having 1) an interactive tool that allows feedback cycle e.g. to indicate their hypothesis about a potential mass-detection, the procedures intended for the patient and the outcome of it such that all the information could update the detection algorithm(s) or at the minimum document any outlier situations. 2) a tool that allows for comparison between current patient CT scan info. e.g. with various (coronal/sagittal/axial) views zoomed to possible detection location(s) and an averaged across some 'normalized' healthy population's data of similar location(s) -- would that be helpful? Additionally, I wonder what are general heuristics employed by Radiologists when they go about scanning the images for potential anomalies -- e.g. is it a top-down approach based on medical notes, and if so perhaps the algorithms might need to be in tune with sifting out some of this information.
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